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I am Dr. Marlene Owen, the founder, and Director of GLOWAWARE Inc, a Personal Development company. I am a Spiritual Business/Personal Development Manifestation Coach. 

In my business, I will work with you through coaching.

Here’s what I do...

I help people identify the lack in areas of their personal development. This process starts by going within.

And Here’s How I do it…

I help people go within to find the areas they feel are the most “blocked.” And help by coaching them to feel and enjoy the freedom they truly desire to live their best lives.

My credentials include a doctor’s degree in business administration, and over 20 years of service to the people in need.

But here’s my story…

I started off with a very humble upbringing. I was born and raised in Jamaica and then immigrated to the United States in my early adult years. Life as I knew it was suitable for the most part, but I always felt something was missing somehow. After several years of raising a family and managing my businesses, I still felt unfulfilled. Because, I knew there had to be more to life than my regular routine.

In 2017, I eventually gave up everything and went in pursuit of my actual life’s purpose. To be honest, I did not know what that was. However, I knew it had to be something I love to do, and something that will bring happiness to myself, and the people around me.

Slowly, I began to give myself permission to spend time with “ME” and to do the things that I had forgotten about…like having fun, going to the park for long walks, or listening to music without interruption. I began listening to motivational messages on various platforms. I listened to mentors like Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Bob Baker,
Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John C Maxwell and Les Brown. I got so much pleasure soaking up the messages from these great people. I was highly motivated and inspired to take personal development classes from these inspirational coaches. I joined several groups that helped to uplift my spirit which I am certain, raised my vibration as well.

This path to self-discovery reconnected me to the girl who enjoyed life and the people who surrounded her. I realized that what I wanted more than anything was to feel freedom in all areas of my life. That meant finding that GLOW within me. This change helped me to become highly self-aware and increased how I felt and thought about myself. I realized that I needed to love myself more than anything or anyone else in the world.

And, I knew that the only person who could make that happen was me. For that responsibility was mine and mine alone. I needed to change my mindset.

It did not happen overnight, but with gradual changes, I saw some real improvements.

Most importantly, I learned HOW to relax and breathe without fear. I learned how to shift my mindset so I can operate with clarity. I knew the skills necessary to turn my life around. I learned how to use my story to help guide the people in my life to recognize and shine their own light. I learned how to equip myself so I can help my clients live their best lives.

I realized that the people in my life are my greatest assets. They are also my teachers. Because as we evolve we continually learn lessons every day. And, I believe that everything is connected. Whether we like it or not, we are all connected because together we can accomplish so much more. As much as independence and freedom are my primary desires, I could not or cannot live without the people in my life. Alone we can do some things but together we can move mountains.

Helping people and building relationships are important to my journey. I find great satisfaction in using my story to motivate and inspire others to experience and feel great about themselves and what they do. I can help you with your transformation on the journey to own your self-awareness and self-esteem.

Why should my service matter?

  • This proven manifestation program will give you the direction you need to get “unstuck” and bring clarity to your life.
  • Help you to understand and accept who you are
  • Implement action steps to clear blocked areas
  • Give you Crystal clear purpose, vision, and goals
  • Upgrade the subconscious programming
  • Help you to stay true to what really matters
  • Work with the Laws of the Universe
  • Accept Change and remain at an abundant frequency


Healing comes from within. USE my 4 R.E.A.L steps to self-discovery.



Discover the power of self-awareness as you delve deep into understanding your true self. My transformative program and resources will help you uncover your unique gifts, passions, and purpose, igniting a sense of clarity and direction on your life's path to your true potential.


Awaken the magnetic force within you, attracting positivity, abundance, and opportunities into your life. Our spiritual approach will help you harness your inner magnetism, leading to meaningful connections and experiences that align with your soul's desires.



Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion; it's an integral part of your being. Embrace your right to happiness and well-being. Let our guidance and support show you how to cultivate joy, gratitude, and contentment, allowing happiness to be a constant companion on your journey.


Lead from a place of love and compassion, both for yourself and others. Our spiritual personal development teachings emphasize the importance of loving yourself unconditionally and extending that love to others. Become a leader who inspires positive change and influences others with kindness and empathy.

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